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Dancehall Class Description

Dancehall is a unique and expressive style created within Jamaican culture. Derived from Reggae music, this style has it's own culture and dances that have been created by individuals and dance crews from Jamaica and around the world. This specific style became known in the mid to late 80s and has become popular ever since.  


In this class students learn the history of Dancehall culture as they master classic steps to corresponding riddims, choreographies and freestyle techniques. Each class includes a warm-up covering old, middle and new school dances that are danced at dancehall/ reggae parties across the globe. For the second half of the class, students incorporate these dances into choreographies and freestyles set to the hottest Dancehall tunes. At the end of class, students perform for each other, developing confident and bold self-expression- the foundational element of Dancehall culture. Through learning these energetic and fun dance, students will become stronger, more knowledgeable and dynamic dancers.

Hip Hop Class Description

Hip Hop is a street dance style that originated in the Bronx in the early 1970s. Hip Hop dance is a broad genre that includes a variety of styles such as break dance, popping, locking, social dances from the west coast, east coast and down south and more!


In this class, students learn basic fundamentals in 

hip hop dance as well as enhancing their skills and knowledge in old school and  new school social dances. 

After warm up and drills, a choreographed routine is taught and performed at the end of class.

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