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Create Your Team

When building your brand you should create a team that supports your vision.

You may have someone to create your flyers, someone to take photographs and film your work, and you may also have someone to give you advice and look over your work.

If you work with these people on a regular basis and you like their professionalism and what they bring to the table, then create your team around them.

When I like someone's work and it aligns with what I do, I will hire them often.

Most of the people that are a part of my team, I met them in my dance classes or through other work and we have built a good working relationship.

Some of them have been with me for over five years.

Here are things I look for in a team player

  • Enjoys what they do

  • Believes in my vision

  • Professional

  • Consistent and persistent

  • Good work ethics

  • Knowledgeable and Skillful

  • Experience

  • Good communications

  • Leader

  • Works well with a team

  • Can work independently

  • Good personality

When you're creating your team, write down all the things you're looking for and start from there.

Have questions on how to build your brand?

Contact me and let's chat!


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