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Yaminah Legohn, a passionate dancer and cultural enthusiast, brings you Afro Karibé®, a captivating dance style that weaves together the rich traditions of West Africa, the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean,

and the pulsating energy of Hip Hop.

Afro Karibé® is a dynamic fusion of cultural dances, incorporating elements from traditional West African, Dancehall, AfroBeats, Hip Hop, House, and Samba Dance. Through Afro Karibé®, Yaminah Legohn aims to celebrate and showcase the diverse tapestry of diasporic movement.

Join Yaminah in an exhilarating journey as you learn and master the dynamic steps of Afro Karibé®.

Not only will you experience an invigorating workout, but you will also groove to the

hottest rhythms that ignite the dance floor.

Yaminah Legohn offers a range of services including dance instruction, captivating entertainment performances, and engaging community engagements. With her expertise and passion, she is dedicated to sharing the joy of dance, promoting cultural exchange, and creating memorable experiences

for audiences and participants alike.

Dance Classes

Community Engagement


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