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Red Light Special: Urban Burlesque Workshops

Welcome to a captivating and empowering dance experience!

Join our alluring dance class, carefully curated to help individuals embrace their femininity and explore their sexuality with grace and confidence. Our workshop invites you to discover the intimate connection with your body, encouraging self-expression through fierce dance moves and flirty choreography.

Whether you choose to strut in heels or prefer an alternative, our sensual dance class provides a safe and supportive space for you to unlock your true potential.

Through captivating movements and choreographed routines 

using dance styles such as Burlesque, Jazz, Dancehall, Afrobeats and Hip Hop, we aim to enhance your self-confidence and allow you to celebrate your unique sensuality.

Immerse yourself in this transformative journey, as we guide you through a sensual dance experience that nurtures self-discovery and self-love. Join us and embrace the power of your femininity, as we explore the art of seductive movement together.


Group Workshop

Group classes 

3 people and up

Bachelorette Party

Get your sexy on before the

big day and learn some hot dance moves


One on one coaching to prepare you for your next performance and or event

Private Lessons

Private training to advance your skills in dance and choreography

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