Dancing In Heels

When I first started dancing professionally, I had to learn how to dance in heels.

I was 17 when I started as a professional, so I was still coming out of my Tomboy stage.

I had my first shot at 'dancing in heels' when I started working with a choreographer/dancer by the name of Trevor Kent.

He was a fierce ass dancer that could drop it like it's hot and give a triple pirouette with a clean tilt, believe it or not, he can still bring it to this day.

He started me in 2-inch heels and Oh boy did I struggle, I'm talking about stomping all over the stage.

As a kid (back in the day) I would walk around in my mom's and auntie's heels but dancing in them was a different story.

It took years of practice, with falling/getting back up, and starting all over again, but I was finally able to pull up and be fancy with it.

I started dancing in 2-inch heels and made my way up to 6-inches.

For my ladies and some of my gents, especially my ladies, in order to be a bad azz pro dancer, you have to be able to dance in heels--make sure you have a cute pair!

Sass, class and sexiness in a heel, always gives a good impression.

That said, always have a solid pair of 4 - 4 1/2inch heels (or higher) that are skinny and comfortable to dance in and LIVE! on the dance floor.


Photo credit Brian Lynch

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