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Claiming My Spot!

As some of you know September 30th marks the anniversary date of my move to New York from LA. I have made it to my 6th year, living in New York!

I have gone back and forth so many times in my mind, should I leave or should I stay?

And guess what my peoples, I'm still here.

My overall goal is to be bicoastal between New York and LA and I'm working on that now.

Since moving to New York, I learned that it doesn't matter what kind of resume you had before coming here, NY wants to know what have you done HERE!

I have six years of proof in the form of great things that I've accomplished and experienced here, and I'm ready to step my game up. I'm starting to come out of my shell more and just be who I am to the fullest with no apologies.

These past six years, I have done a lot of observation, learned more about different cultures, met new people, built my brands and, more importantly, became more in love with myself!

They say I'm officially a New Yawker, however, I'm still an LA chick at heart, so I call myself a LAYawker. You don't have to get it, but I do!

If you are a person who wants more in life, have a dream and a goal that you want to accomplish, I say, just do the damn thing! Otherwise, you will be sitting around wishing you had.

Regret is not a good feeling and I rather know that I tried my best to make it happen. New York was a dream of mine, a vision that I had and I'm reminded of this every time I cross over the bridge in a taxi and look out at the city.

I'm not saying that it will be easy, and that you will not experience pain or fear because you will! You will never know fully the process of your path, but it will come around full circle when you stay the course. I will also say that It's good to have a plan, but be flexible to change at the same time.

My anniversary reminds me of the path I've chosen and the experiences I've had to get where I'm at right now. I'm here to claim my spot in this city and no one can take that away from me because I worked for it!

Go for what you want in life, pay attention to your vision and make that leap!

Photo credit by @kshed4ever

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