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Keepin' It Stylish!

I don't know if ya'll know but I like to dress!

Sometimes, I'm on my afro-centric vibe, then my boss lady professional look-to-Ms. Artist-to-tomboy Yaminah, then straight sexy gyal!

Living in New York has definitely brought out more of my creativity in fashion.

If you ask any of my friends from high school, they will tell you that I was such a tomboy, some of them had to help me pick out an outfit for the school dance.

Now ya girl keeps it stylish and utilizes all elements that compliment and fit my personality.

I love sexy heels, fresh sneakers, and a cute boot.

As a woman, we all go through different stages of what we like and don't like as far as style.

It doesn't matter if it's name brand or not, just trust your woman's intuition and let your style flow hot!

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