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New Look, New Do and New Headshots!

Hey Ya'll!

You know it always feels good to have new headshots taken.

When I went to LA to visit my family and friends, of course I had to hit up my favorite LA photographer, Mike Quain.

I haven't worked with him in years and knew it was time for us to link again.

I love working with him because he has experience photographing dancers and knows what we are looking for.

He checked out the new braids [done by my girl Jasmiine] and the outfits, then said, "Let's go!"

Ms. Olympia was wicked with the make-up and my guy Randy assisted me on getting my cloths together and made sure I was good.

Mike played music in the back ground and we just went for it.

His studio has so many compartments, you don't know what he's going to do next, it's exciting!

The crazy part about all of this was that my day starting out stressful.

There was hella traffic during the drive down from Oxnard to LA, but as soon as it was lights, camera and action, I was on!

After taking these headshots, my agents from CESD and Go2Talent looked over them to help me pick out the best ones. These are just a few from the first batch; I have more coming for your eyes to see.

Thank you Mike for always being awesome, Olympia for hooking up ya girl's make-up, Jasmiine for making my braids look cute, Yancy Greene for giving me some styling tips, my agents for helping me pick the best photos and to my Randy for always having my back.

If you're in LA, hit up Mike Quain and don't forget to check out his website!



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