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Rock Your Hair, Guurl!

Listen, I've been through so many different hair styles and colors, it's not even funny.

Back in the day, as a kid, I rocked the box braids with the burnt ends (well, we called them individuals or dookie braids in LA). Sometimes I'd wear my hair braided in cornrows, especially when I played basketball. I had my first perm when I was about 12, which I hated since it broke my hair off considerably. This motivated me to cut my hair short when I was about 15, then I started using the good ol' texturizer. Lol

When I stepped into the industry, I had the cornrows in the front and my hair down in the back.

I wasn't sure what look was best for me cuz I'm a black girl!

During that time, black girls had to wear their hair a certain way in order to book work.

The chocolate girls wore weaves and the light skin girls wore their curly hair, natural.

I didn't make the rules, that's just the way it was.

Sooo, I went the weave route.

Honestly, I couldn't stand weaves, but hey, I was cute!

I wore the red curly and straight weaves, the black curly and straight Indian hair;

yes, I paid for them bundles. Ya girl slayed that long Indian hair.

I was in the pocket with the hair, but I was stilled annoyed.

A year before I left for NYC, I said F it and started rocking my natural hair.

My girl Andrea would hook my hair up, braiding the cornrows into a mohawk.

She even made wigs for me, so I could switch it up for the camera.

Once I moved to NYC, I rocked my wig for a month and then I did the big chop to a clean caesar. Oooo it felt so good just to rub my head, it was very liberating.

I loved it! I didn't feel like I needed big earrings to look cute, I was already cute.

I wore my caesar natural for a year, then I dyed it strawberry blonde and then went Platinum.

Shout out to Levels barbershop in Harlem for holding me down for all these years.

They had my hair looking frrreeesshh! I mean, even guys were stopping to say my hair cut was clean.

After the blonde, I went pink then back to natural for a little while.

My short hair style was my NYC image.

No one knew how I would swang that hair, killin it on the dance floor in LA.

So! Now I'm rocking the long-blonde-pass-my-booty braids, haha.

All in all, I'm not worried about what the right hair style is supposed to be.

I'm not interested in trying fit into society's standard of beauty.

Forget all of that, I'm doing me.

Having the freedom to express myself with my hair is one of the best things to happen to me since moving to

New York

A lot of black girls go through it with their hair in this industry and it can be frustrating.

I'm here to tell you, DO YOU BOO!


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