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Create Your Own Website

When creating your brand, it's good to have a home where people can find you online.

A website is always a good place to promote your brand and share with your audience.

Your followers can follow you on social media, but a website shows your brand to it's full potential, and you can also sell products.

Here are some tips to help you create your website

  • Register your domain name ( GoDaddy )

  • Create and build your website ( *Other options are Squarespace, weebly, shopify depending on what's best for your brand

  • Include info about your brand, photos, videos, products, and contact info.

  • Make sure it's user friendly for mobile and desktop

  • Share your social media platforms and connect your email list

  • Publish Your Site

Check out my websites

Have questions on how to build your brand?

Contact me and let's chat!


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