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Plan to Stay Ahead

We've talked about the importance of strategizing, but before you strategize you have to plan first.

When you're working on your business, you may get excited and try to do many things at once.

You may feel like you can do it all, but trust me, it's not best to do it all if you don't have a plan.

My advice is to always plan so you can stay ahead.

Here are my tips on planning

  • Plan social media posts at least 1 week in advance (Hootsuite, Buffer)

  • Plan the budget for every month (Google spread sheet)

  • Plan all tasks that need to be completed for the month and the week

  • Set reminders in your calendar (Set alert for one day in advance)

  • Take care of the big tasks first (Don't procrastinate)

  • Go over your plan at the end of the month and see if it worked

  • Hold yourself accountable

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