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Working With Shakira

In my career I have been given the opportunity to work with multiple celebrities.

The one that marked gold was my performance with Shakira for the American Music Awards in 2009.

The crazy part is, I booked the job the day before the show.

Lets rewind.

The choreographer had auditions a couple weeks prior; I auditioned and got cut.

Two weeks later I got a call from my agent to audition again. I was like woorrrd

I went to the audition and the choreographer was picking girls she had already worked with.

I hadn't worked with her yet, so you know I had to show off..

After going in groups and girls getting cut, it was down to me and this other young sistah.

We went for blood and yes your girl got it!

Whoa!! The feeling of getting picked, you can't believe it, but you still have to stay professional.

When Shakira walked into the room, she was beautiful and petite. She was very sweet and polite to all thirty five of us.

After seven long hours of rehearsal, we were worked! My bed was calling me.

I stood up all night nervous with butterflies in my stomach.

7am call time.

I'm definitely not a morning girl, but for Shakira I was.

Tech was intense, but the show went by soooo fast like a dream.

We killed it!

All I know is that I'm grateful for that experience and of course to the addition to my resume;)

I share this story because you never know what's going to happen. You can get cut from an audition, but still end up booking the job. Always stay positive and eyes on the prize.

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