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Why I Am The #1Hustla

Let's just say I started hustling at a young age.

I use to sell candy to my friends in Beverly Hills, starting at 25cents to a dollar; I just liked making money.

My Grandmommy taught me the value of saving and why, my dad taught me to always have options and my mom taught me to be independent.

When I was ten years old, I would sit at my desk imagining that I was a boss making important business calls, and my little brother was my secretary. I would write in my notebook,

"The Yaminah Store," and try to figure out ways I could make more money.

When I was in high school, I'd choreograph for people and get paid for it.

When I was fifteen I started my first weekly dance classes.

I sold shoes for a while, I was a Supplement Specialist, Juice Bar Associate, Dance Teacher, Professional Dancer, Professional Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Hair Dresser, Front Desk Manager, Tour Guide and Bartender, the list goes on.

I'm the oldest of seven, so I had to set an example for my younger siblings and guess what?

They all attended and some are still in college and they work for themselves; I'm proud of that.

I come from a hard working family, so it's definitely in my blood.

I always found a way to bring in the doe, but most importantly, I kept a business

mind-set, which has helped me become successful to this day.

Pretty dope huh!


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